Nine things we learned about launching in America


Electric scooters are the new Ubers

...and the coolest way to get around to all those tech meetings. Last week Ford Motor Co snapped up San Fran scooter start-up Spin in a deal worth $80 mil. But beware - in Dallas where we just launched with Neiman Marcus, accidents have surged. Wear that helmut.

 The American dream is alive and well

...from the former Punjabi farmer turned Uber driver whose daughter is a now a top paediatrician, to guitarist David from the LA rock band The Exies who's having another stab at fame, we met so many hard working people still hungrily pursuing success while juggling half a dozen jobs in the Land of Opportunity. We're joining you.

It's still the home of romantic kitsch we have this product called Lovebox. I know, right. Wrong. Imagine an animated Hallmark card that receives love messages by text. We thought "Meh, maybe for Valentine's".

They LOVED. Experiential texts - the new thang.  

Americans are naturally nosey and curious

...way more than us Brits. From the schoolkid in our Dallas store who began demonstrating our virtual reality tee to other children, to Brian in LA who wandered into the pop-up unannounced and demanded to know about every-single-product (then bought half a dozen of them), their appetite for the new remains as keen as mustard.

A party is nothing without an compulsory Insta-dog

...and ours was called Dolly the Frenchie who came with her faux fur-clad bearded owner Jason Wanamaker. Like us, Dolly's new to this game but the prize can be big - take a look at Doug the Pug who has three million followers. Srsly.  

Minor Hollywood stars look nothing like they do on screen

...we also had Disney's Ashley Tisdale pop by, AKA Sharpay from the High School Musical films. Must have watched them dozens of times when the kids were small, but there wasn't a flicker of recognition. Sweet girl though. She especially liked our super luxe Barisieur coffee maker/alarm clock. Pure Sharpay.

Weird milk and avos still rule breakfast in America

...along with a mandatory gym membership and hiking boots, the must-have LA breakfast remains the avocado and almond latte combo. Milk from a cow? An aberration! Our avocado toast was even pimped with "creamed leeks" and radish shavings. Enough already. 

No-one says "I love your accent" like they did in the 90s

...the insane popularity of Downtown Abbey and the general Brit invasion has diminished the allure of our seemingly quaint clipped vowels. 

And finally - no-one IRL discusses Trump  

...whether it's inertia, resignation or embarrassment, even during the midterm madness, "Have you voted?" was the closest we got to a conversation about the Commander-In-Chief who'd rather watch TV than honour his fallen men. Nothing left to say.

Jackie Annesley