Will you join the growing anti-Amazon tribe? 


Already there - no Amazon Prime for me. And I'm definitely feeling that anti-Bezos mood.

That's probably just amongst all you liberal elite. Because last Monday saw Amazon celebrate its biggest single shopping day in American history.

Srsly? But the tide is turning. For the first time ever, my sister-in-law stipulated "NO Amazon" for the Secret Santa presents this Christmas Day.

The press are definitely turning. And the German government.  Plus its systematic scamming of 20 major American cities in its 'search' for new headquarters - only to hand it to NYC (where Bezos lives) and Washington (where he has his newspaper) recently upset LOTS of people.

Classic switch and bait routine - that sounds like good ol' Jeff. How's the richest man alive ($139bn)treating his staff these days?

Pretty much like he's treated the world's local book stores and independent shops. Brutally. Although he did recently raise minimum wages to $15 an hour in America. Whoop.

I read this quote from a German Amazon worker: “You start at the company healthy and leave it as a broken human.” Who wants to contribute to that?

No-one. But people are lazy when it comes to enacting ethics. It's not just the warehouse conditions that are physically hard - even the white collar workers adhere to 14 eye-wateringly stringent 'principles'.

Though frankly I'm with Jeff on some of them - especially the "No task is beneath them". Have you asked a sick-on-Friday/working-from-home/sooo tired millennial to do something recently?

Agreed, they wouldn't last a shift. Anyway, you can see for yourself how fabulous the working conditions are with Amazon's new tours of their fulfilment centres. (Take your pick of Hemel Hempstead, Rugeley, Dunfermline, Manchester and Tilbury.) 

Lol. My favourite line on the tour page is "Come see the magic that happens after you click buy on Amazon". Must take the teens to show them a PR stunt in action.

Better still, anyone dithering about giving up their Prime account should use this method to calculate how much they've spent since 2006. The untold greed and abandoned plastic that the final figure represents should scare anyone into quitting. 

I'll spread the word. Though I do feel a total hypocrite as I secretly watched Homecoming on my husband's account. Julia Roberts was so fab. #girlcrush

What! And I thought you were a true revolutionary

PS: In 2017 Amazon accounted for 44 percent of all US e-commerce sales and shipped more than five billion items with Prime worldwide. 

PPS: If you can't quite quit but don't want to hand Jeff any more dosh, copy what this guy did and get it for free.

Jackie Annesley